Odyssey Blue

SKU: 2921

The Odyssey Pewter Paw Impression Urn is beautifully crafted in solid brass and a
standard paw impression that are embossed on aroind the center of the urn.

The solid brass urn has a slate an elegant blue finish and it is a soft remebrance your beloved companion.

Available in 4 sizes:

Large - for a pet up to 85 pounds - Item # 2888-70

Medium - for a pet up to 45 pounds - Item # 2888-40

Small - for a pet up to 45 pounds - Item # 2888-25

4th size - Keepsake heart - will only hold a " nominal " amout of ashes. (Approximately 1 tablespoon) Item # 2888H

Laser etch engraving is available for this urn for an additional cost

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