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Earthstone – Terra
Item # 9601
Earthstone urns are crafted from soap stone which is quarried just like marble and granite.  Each urn is meticulously crafted and carefully polished to being out the natural beauty of the stone itself.  This urn has it’s own unique color shade and pattern.  No two urns are alike.  The urn is secured closed with a threaded brass ring.

This urn is available in 3 different sizes.

Description and Dimensions
Small – for pets up to 25 lbs.
Item # – 9601P
5 X 4.2 inches.
Medium – for pets up to 50 lbs
Item # – 9601XS
5.7 X 5 inches
Large – for pets up to 85 lbs
Item # – 9601S
6.5 X 5.8 inches

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