The "Paw Tracks" Memory Shadow Box Urn

SKU: 1357

The ” Paw Tracks ” Memorial Shadow Urn

Large - Item # CMB770

Small - Item # CMB770S

This handcrafted ” Paw Tracks ” memorial chest features a cherry finish on a solid hardwood and a crushed velvet interior. A velvet covered lift-out shelf stores memorable keepsakes such as pictures or personal memorial items.

The ” Paw Tracks ” Memorial Shadow Box is available in two different sizes and features a velvet covered lift-out shelf, photograph holders, a brass latch for lid closure and plenty of room to store your favorite photo’s and personal memento items such as a pet’s collar, a leash perhaps, your pet’s favorite toys and the a memorial urn.

Dimensions : 
Large – 11″ X 9.9″ X 6.8
Small – 8″ X 7.5″ X 6″

Engraving is available laser etched 
Into the top of the shadow box.

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