Collie-Tri Color

SKU: 2735

Collie – Tri Color
Item # – 2735
Dimensions -
10″ long X 8″ wide X 10″ high

Our Canine Companion Series Urn Collection offers different styles of canine urns which are available in our line of hollow cremation figurine memorials suitable for indoor or outdoor display. Each figurine urn comes with a secure bottom access plug (2 and 1/2" in diameter) for securing a beloved pet's ashes inside for memorialization. Some pet owners modify their personal companion figure urn to include their pet's collar and collar tag(s) to customize their memorial in a more personal way. These personal companion figurine urns are made of quality resins and are weather resistant and color stable. Outside use is acceptable but we suggest if placing this outside is your choice, choose a location that is protected from harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight.

These figure urns are a likeness and are in no way an exact image of your pet

Companion Figure Urns

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